Club Night 14th September


    Thursday 14th September from 7.30 pm

    As we move into Autumn, and the nights start to close in we are planning a programme of 'Club Nights' to save you from having to watch the TV! Club nights are ideal for new members, or if you have someone you want to bring along - they can meet the company and have a look around the theatre.

    The plan is one thursday per month with the some planned activities and social events, plus the bar will be open. So get your socks on, save yourself the heating/electric bill at home and come and join in!!

    The next Club Night is Thursday 14th September, from 7:30pm at the Theatre.

     We have a treasure trove of old Photos that we would like to go through, and ideally scan/digitise so that we can archive them, we may also pick out some that we would like to display somewhere.

     If you would rather something a little more Thespian, we will have a 1 Act play reading that will be led by Beryl, and of course the Bar will be open.

     Dates & Activities for future club nights will follow on - please look out for them in the Newsletter.

     It would be great to see you all there !!