Readings & Auditions

All readings and auditions are open to both members and non-members and take place at the Swan Theatre unless stated otherwise. Please note that should a non-member be offered a part he/she will be required to join the Swan and all cast and crew are expected to assist with support activities such as bar and Front-of-House for other productions.


What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton

Production Dates 7th - 12th May

Director  Holly Robson

Reading: Thursday 8th February at 7:30pm

Auditions: Wednesday 14th February and Thursday 15th February both at 7:30pm

Director contact email:         phone: 07527 727947 

Summary of play

The play is set in the late 1960's and takes place in a private psychiatric clinic run by DR. Prentice. All the characters except for Nick and Sergeant Match are middle class and well-spoken. The parts are roughly the same size except Sergeant Match, who only makes brief appearances. The play lives or dies based on the quick fire dialogue, and builds to a frantic farce state, with four out of six of the characters in different stages of undress, climaxing to varying levels of pseudo insanity. Entirely non-PC, it has a clever subtext which takes a swipe at every establishment going!

Character List

All these roles are physically demanding and involve a great deal of creative and fast-paced stage choreography.

Geraldine Barclay / Female 20-35 - Almost a caricature in her naivety (taking Dr. Prentice at his word that stripping naked is a necessary part of a job interview), Geraldine is unworldly and innocent. Must look of similar age to Nicholas Beckett.

Dr. Prentice / Male 40-55 - Likes to think of himself as a man of the world , and is outwardly rather suave, but he is revealed as quite inept and panicky in his attempted seduction and subsequent cover-ups. Can be played either as a predetary male figure, or as an innocent victim of circumstance, open to either interpretation.

Mrs Prentice / Female 40-50 - Neglected by her husband, Mrs Prentice seeks solace in the arms of others. Witty, provocative, with an overt air of promiscuity, she is embittered by her experiences and has an acerbic tongue.

Nicholas Beckett / Male 20-35 - Nick is an amoral young man with no conscience and very little self-control. Must look of similar age to Geraldine Barcley.

Dr. Rance / Male 45-65 - Larger than life and quite frankly madder than most of the inmates of the asylums he insprects, Dr. Rance is an egomaniac whose main aim is to publish and become famous, and seesx nothing wrong in trampling over the truth and other people in order to do so. Age-wise he could be from mid-forties to his early sixties.

Sergeant Match / Male - A stereotypically plodding policeman, nonetheless determned to get his man.