Readings & Auditions

Readings and auditions take place at the Swan Theatre.

Following a play reading, audition pieces are given out. There are usually 2 audition dates, however if you are unable to make either date you may be able to arrange an alternative with the Director. Auditions are relaxed and fun and rarely involve the learning of an audition piece, although familiarity with it and some characterisaton are expected. You will be informed as soon as possible if you have been successful in securing a part, usually once the whole play is cast.

It is not Swan policy to telephone people and invite them to audition so, if you would like to be in a show, please do come along to the reading and the auditions.

The rehearsal period is approximately 8 weeks of 2-3 rehearsals per week, although this may increase over the 2 weeks and the weekend preceding performance.



Directed by Pete Fernandez

Production dates - 20th to 25th January 2020

Reading: Tuesday 1st October at 7.30 pm

Auditions: Sunday 6th October at 7.30 pm and Tuesday 8th October at 2.30 pm


A relatively new play that premiered in 2012, Constellations is described as a play about free will and friendship, quantum multiverse theory, love, and honey! At times comic and at others tragic, it poses the biggest question of all: "Does the Universe have a purpose?"

The Independent described it as "An astonishingly fine new would be hard put to begin to do justice to the dazzling way it creates its own rules, while at the same time being wise enough not to jettison the old rule book either."

With a cast of 2 - one man and one woman - and with some strong language, this will definitely be an intriguing and challenging production! The actors will need to look of a similar age, but the age range isn't fixed in stone; if you're between 25 and 45 (or could pass for that), or you just feel like a fun night out, then please come to the reading.