Readings & Auditions

All readings and auditions are open to both members and non-members and take place at the Swan Theatre unless stated otherwise. Please note that should a non-member be offered a part he/she will be required to join the Swan and all cast and crew are expected to assist with support activities such as bar and Front-of-House for other productions.


Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

Production Dates 13th - 18th November

Director Philip Turley

 11 parts cast, but we're still looking for:

Septimus Hodge: Playing age 22. Thomasina's tutor, and the academic colleague and friend of Lord Byron (an unseen but important character). While teaching Thomasina, he works on his own research and has affairs with the older women of the house. When Thomasina is older, he falls in love with her; after her death, he becomes the "hermit of Sidley Park", working on her theories until his own death.Septimus has a clever, wry sense of humor only really matched by Thomasina, though she is actually smarter than he is. He studied science at Cambridge, alongside  Lord Byron. He's always looking for love, from his famous carnal embrace with  Mrs. Chater  to his crush on  Lady Croom, but ultimately, Thomasina has his heart. After her death at 16, he'll become the  Sidley hermit,  and live out the rest of his days trying, but failing, to express her mathematical theories.

Jellaby: middle aged. The Crooms' butler. His chief functions are to spread gossip and to deliver letters.

Same actor can also play Richard Noakes. Character actor required to swap identities, character, costume and appearance within 3 pages!

Characters of the present

Bernard Nightingale: A don at a modern university in Sussex, England. Bernard comes to Sidley Park hoping to work with Hannah on his theory about Lord Byron staying at the estate.Though Bernard, like  Hannah, is a scholar interested in the Romantic era, he is her opposite. Where she is cautious and focused on figures neglected by history, Bernard is swaggering, overconfident, and obsessed with the already-renowned  Byron. He foolishly gets into trouble, publishing an ambitious theory about  Chater's death without adequate proof and Hannah prove shim wrong. Though Hannah and Bernard should be enemies, they end up with a relationship based on grudging mutual admiration. Bernard has an affair with  Chloe.

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