Readings & Auditions

Readings and auditions take place at the Swan Theatre.

Following a play reading, audition pieces are given out. There are usually 2 audition dates, however if you are unable to make either date you may be able to arrange an alternative with the Director. Auditions are relaxed and fun and rarely involve the learning of an audition piece, although familiarity with it and some characterisaton are expected. You will be informed as soon as possible if you have been successful in securing a part, usually once the whole play is cast.

It is not Swan policy to telephone people and invite them to audition so, if you would like to be in a show, please do come along to the reading and the auditions.

The rehearsal period is approximately 8 weeks of 2-3 rehearsals per week, although this may increase over the 2 weeks and the weekend preceding performance.


PLAY: NIGHT MUST FALL by Emlyn Williams

Directed by Richard Jones

Production dates - 16th to 21st March 2020

Reading: Tuesday 3rd December at 7.30 pm

Auditions: Sunday 8th December at 2.30 pm and Tuesday 10th December at 7.30 pm


Night Must Fall is a classic 1930s thriller - brooding, suspenseful and psychological but with a surprising amount of satire and dark humour as well. There are eight parts in total, 5 female and 3 male, with a range of ages from 18-70. All the characters are vividly drawn and have an essential part to play in the drama, from the main roles of Dan, Mrs Bramson and Olivia down to the brief, scene-stealing appearances of Nurse Libby.

Character Breakdown:

Dan: The psychopathic villain of the piece, Dan is always acting, a master manipulator who manages to charm and hoodwink every other character. A real challenge of physicality and psychology. Age 20-35.

Mrs Bramson: A stern, moralistic spinster who rules her house with a rod of iron but nonetheless falls for Dan's charm along with everyone else. A great character role. Age 50-70.

Olivia Grayne: Mrs Bramson's rather bookish niece, who is desperate to escape from her dreary life as Mrs B's companion. The first one to suspect that Dan may be a murderer but still drawn into his web. Age 25-40.

Mrs. Terence: The straight-talking cook. Loves to gossip and won't take any nonsense from anyone, including Mrs Bramson. Age 40-60.

Dora Parkoe: Mrs Bramson's maid, a humble working-class girl, who is pregnant with Dan's child. Somewhat nervous, clumsy and confused. Age 18-25.

Hubert Laurie: A decent, steady sort of chap who has proposed to Olivia and can't understand why she won't accept. Provides much of the humour of the play. Age 30-45.

Inspector Belsize: A Scotland Yard detective called in to investigate the recent murder, his affable exterior hides a razor-sharp mind. Age 40-60.

Nurse Libby: Mrs Bramson's nurse, unfazed by any ailment or eventuality. Age 30-50.