Front of House & Bar

Front-of-House & Bar Rota Co-ordinator

The coordinator is responsible for producing the rota for each show. Read on to find out more about the FOH & Bar requirtements.

Front of House

The FOH team are the people who the audience first meet. They carry out evacuation procedures, which are a condition of the Swan's public performance licence and have been agreed with SSDC and the Fire & Rescue Service. They require the Swan to provide three Front Of House staff plus two bar staff each night of every public performance as well as two coffee helpers.

St John's Ambulance also provide two volunteers per show.

FOH staff are volunteers and for every public performance, we have on duty seven people:

1 Theatre Manager

1 selling programmes

1 taking your ticket as you enter the auditorium

2 Providing teas and coffees

2 Bar staff

We need two bar staff for every public performance. We need a bar manager to stock the bar for the bar staff to sell. If you enjoy talking to people and are willing to help maintain stock levels and, especially if you have retail experience, please get in touch. We also require the two bar staff for our evacuation procedures.

We will train you to be a theatre manager or teach you how to operate the coffee machine, the dishwasher and the till. It's also a good way to meet other members.