About the Swan

Non-professional theatre produced professionally....

In 1967 the Bass brewery sold The Swan, a derelict Yeovil pub,  to the local Dramatic Society. For seven years members worked to transform the pub into an attractive headquarters with facilities for rehearsals and set building. Performances still had to take place in hired halls. The society then decided to build its own theatre on the land behind the building. Its first production there was in 1976.

We have had no magic wand but year by year improvements have been made. The Swan does not receive public funding, or any financial support from any other organisation, solely relying on the efforts of its members and patrons. Years of voluntary work and the re-investment of all profits into the building and its equipment have resulted in the Swan becoming one of the best equipped little theatres in the West of England. We can now offer the public an intimate performance space, tiered auditorium with excellent acoustics, professional quality lighting and sound systems, and a fully licensed bar.

The Swan Theatre Company is committed to developing the performing arts in Yeovil and performs six shows a year,  providing a wide range of opportunities for our members to perform or work backstage. In addition the theatre is a venue which is used by other groups in the area - and is available to hire at very reasonable rates. As part of our work we have a raised thousands of pounds for local charities through donations and particularly our policy of charity performances.

In addition to the six shows a year we are building a programme of workshop performances and rehearsed readings through the coming months and years to offer our members wider opportunities.  We also do classes on the technical aspects of theatre for those members whose interests lie more in those directions.  To re-enforce our links to the local community we maintain close contacts with schools and colleges in the area to explore mutually interesting projects.

All in all we aim to provide an interesting and challenging theatrical environment for people of all levels of ability. The Swan Theatre is recognised as an outstanding example of non-professional theatre - evidenced by the press notices received for our productions, the awards received in local drama competitions and by the comments and loyalty of our local audience, so do please come and join us.